Actively Engaged in the Basse-Lièvre Communities

Our Local Engagement

We actively support and contribute to community organizations where we live and work. In partnering with these groups, we engage in philanthropy, through donations, as well as collaborative projects that benefit the community.


Every year, we provide financial support to approximately 45 local organizations that improve the well-being of the Lièvre watershed community through social, educational, health and environmental programs. As a long-term partner, we have collaborated with several organizations for over 10 years.


As active partners, we collaborate with local organizations and municipalities on several community-focused initiatives. For instance, we partner with in the Comité du bassin versant de la rivière du Lièvre COBALI) by working closely with their Board of Directors and by supporting several initiatives that aim to educate the public on environmental protection. Through several agreements, we provide municipalities and the general public free access to some of our land. The main gathering place in Buckingham, the Maclaren Park, as well as many cycling paths and walking trails, are located on land owned by Evolugen.